The importance of social media is steadily increasing.
Depending on the respective target groups, communication today takes place via various social media channels

The portfolio ranges from Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to Facebook. We keep an eye on these channels for our customers, so that we can define exactly where we tell the story. 

Who will read a story if it cannot be found? We understand community management as a crucial tool to control and emotionalise the interaction with the audience.

Hamburg is where our roots are, but we are at home wherever the stories are waiting to be told. Therefore, our services are offered nationwide and throughout Europe.  

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone:
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    • Social Media Management
    • Creation of Content Plans
    • Community Management
    • Monitoring
    • Campaigning


Floating Boutiquehotel


The task was to sustainably position the first floating boutique hotel, going beyond the classical product PR in the lifestyle segment. 

In doing so, we staged the unique experience of a private luxury cruise in the social media channels.

We told the unique story of Breezedays in conjunction with an incomparable holiday experience, and spoke about the target group first and then activated it.



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