Public Relations

The term Public Relations stands for the link to the public, which we establish through our strategic work.

We create relationships, which will bring an added long term benefit to the brand. Whether human or digital – the integration of on- and offline subtexts via the most diverse channels for brands, media and multiplicators is important.


Hamburg is where our roots are, but we are at home wherever the stories are waiting to be told. Therefore, our services are offered nationwide and throughout Europe. 

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  • Brand and Product Communications Strategy
  • Brand and Product PR
  • Celebrity and VIP Relations
  • Blogger Relations
  • Showroom Representation



Shine Baby Shine


The Italian fashion label PINKO wanted to generate attention for the Shine Baby Shine sneaker collection through social influencers and celebrities. For this purpose, we addressed potential brand ambassadors and activated them in order to promote the collection through their social media channels.  

The objective: the editorial output via the online and social media channels of the influencer increases brand awareness, sustainably strengthens the image in the relevant target group and activates the communities of the social influencer.

Because of the outstanding network we have developed with social influencers and celebrities, we have succeeded in persuading the key players with the greatest reach in social networks to publish product posts with Shine Baby Shine sneakers. 

This product post - with the corresponding hashtag and links – was not only able to increase the awareness of PINKO, but also generated a lot of interest within the communities for the Shine Baby Shine collection.

Furthermore, the social networks of celebrities could also be used for communication purposes.


#shinebabyshine #pinko



Brand PR


The task for the customer Ferrari was to reinforce and sustainably anchor the brand in the German and Austrian lifestyle media, as well as generating coverage in print, TV and social media.

For this purpose, we positioned and established Ferrari in the relevant lifestyle media and as one of the 10 most loved brands in the world. 

We created connections to opinion leaders in the fields of architecture and design as well as art, fashion and lifestyle, which would serve as intermediaries for entry into the lifestyle departments for media coverage.

By combining classical product PR with the individual car models and corporate PR, a 360° lifestyle communications approach can be developed, which is especially important in the jubilee year of the luxury car manufacturer, in order to allow the FERRARI cult to exist across all industries.




Fashion PR


Our task for the Italian fashion label was to continuously develop the brand, since it was introduced to German-speaking markets.

In the past 6 years, we have been able to sustainably anchor the founder and the brand in the media, so that Elisabetta Franchi is one of the most successful brands - especially in the red carpet and luxury fashion segment.  

In addition to classical PR in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are also responsible for celebrity relations and social influencer marketing.



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