We offer our customers the possibility to engage in a direct dialogue with the defined target group - through effective digital influencer activation.

Digital influencers are the perfect brand ambassadors, thanks to their authenticity and interaction with the target audience. The right digital influencer fit reaches the target group by creating community awareness through editorial content.

Here, not only the target audience reach is in focus, but the quality of the content - and losses in the target group should be as low as possible. Depending on the requirements, we develop digital influencer strategies for micro and macro-bloggers.

Hamburg is where our roots are, but we are at home wherever the stories are waiting to be told. Therefore, our services are offered nationwide and throughout Europe.

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    • Digital influencer fit – analysis
    • Digital influencer strategy – concept and implementation


Influencer Suite


The job was to plan and implement a lifestyle event, with a live broadcast of the social influencers, celebrities and decision-makers from the fashion and lifestyle industries during the Golden Globes with live commentary from the red carpet. In this way, millenials - as a relevant target group - should already be informed of the broadcast in advance.

E! Entertainment issued exclusive invitations to the influencer suite at the Soho House in Berlin during the Golden Globes. The invitation was extended to fashion celebrities, vloggers, bloggers and influencers, who reported from the red carpet at the Golden Globes in L.A., with live commentary, shop talk, and interviews. The aim was to inform the communities of the social influencers and to activate them.

In this way a unique "Experience the red carpet with us" was created – an experience for the audience and the followers of the influencers. The event allowed the influencers to present E! Entertainment through an alternative media channel. 

The event was filmed and the material was used subsequently over the next few days for broadcasting and was posted through social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. E! Entertainment was able to develop and extend a sustainable image within the target group.




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